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New Black Hole Flavors
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Looking for an alter-dimensional experience? The Black Hole is Kosmik’s most popular gummy, each bag packing a whopping 1000mg of THC!
Blast Off

Edibles have gone Kosmik!

Kosmik Brands landed on Earth in 2019 with a gummy that defied gravity and transcended its competitors. From day one, we've remained committed to taste, texture, potency, and quality, and since then have led the industry in innovation and development of products that break boundaries...

...and we're just getting started. Welcome to Kosmik Brands. Buckle up for lift off.



Edibles have gone Kosmik!

Our mission is in the name. We are laser-focused on the taste, texture, potency, and quality of our products so that the whole experience is (yes, we’re gonna say it) - out of this world.


Edibles should taste GOOD, right? We agree. Developing our variety of luscious fruit flavors was a labor of love and attention to detail – our commitment to making Kosmik edibles the tastiest in the industry.


Right alongside our unrivaled standards for taste is a focus on creating the ideal texture for every product. Our curing methods allow us to control firmness and moisture levels, delivering a perfectly balanced experience.


Kosmik has developed a proprietary THC measuring process, which ensures accurate dosing and consistency with every piece.


Our standards are high (no pun intended) and we hold our cannabis oil suppliers to those same standards. We will never put anything in our edibles that you can’t trust to be of the best quality.


If you are a dispensary interested in carrying Kosmik, we want to hear from you! Please send us your contact information and our staff will get in touch.

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